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---------------NOW SELLING!

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of SEDONA, a community in Osceola County, FL. Over the next few months, a total of 378 units will be constructed in two phases, each led by one of the country’s most reliable home-builders. The first phase, consisting of 191 homes built on 40-foot wide lots, will be overseen by Maronda Homes. The second phase contributes an additional 187 homes built on 50-foot wide lots, and will be overseen by CalAtlantic Homes. New Earth Properties has partnered with these builders to create an environmentally sensitive development that benefits from Kissimmee’s natural beauty while in no way diminishing it. Residents will daily appreciate the scenic swaths of carefully maintained conservation lands as they enjoy our array of outdoor recreational facilities. A belt of tall, leafy trees encloses the community, and a series of glistening lakes will afford residents picturesque vistas from the comfort of their patios. No home backs up to another, ensuring that your community never feels cluttered, and accentuating the self-contained aesthetic quality of each individual home.